Actionable intelligence from Earth observation

With 30 years of experience, we transform complex remote sensing data into insights ready to serve your decision making.

All you need to make Earth Observation work for you

Understanding satellite data

Knowing Earth observation inside out, we select and fuse the fit-to-purpose data. To respond to big data challenges, we operate a scalable and cloud-agnostic production system for automated satellite data processing.

From data to information

Analysing complex data and problems require specific expertise and cutting-edge solutions. Empowered by data mining, geostatistics and machine learning, we provide information products with the best value for businesses.

Decision-ready insights

Bringing together domain knowledge, powerful analytics and interactive visualisation platforms, we deliver unique insights and data exploration to support better-informed decisions.

Web platforms and tools

Our web platforms and software tools provide customisable purpose-built solutions. Open source and industry standards facilitate embedding geospatial dimension into our clients’ decision-making mechanisms.