The company

Gisat is the first privately run remote sensing and geo-information service company in Czechia. Acting globally in a wide range of thematic domains, our mission is to provide our clients a complete portfolio of value delivering geo-information services based on Earth Observation data. We are committed to supporting sustainable living and using Earth's resources by enabling everyone to make better decisions about our environment.

We rely on a core team of permanent employees, plus an extensive network of collaborating experts in specific thematic application domains.

The company is well established amongst EO service providers and has participated in many innovative projects, furthering the use of EO data.
Combining remote sensing, artificial intelligence and big data analytics we operate a complete value-chain to unleash the power of Earth Observation data at one place. Our online platform solutions introduce ready-to-use spatial data exploration tools and integrate them into clients’ decision-making mechanisms.
We provide our service and products to a diverse group of clients that includes international & financial Institutions, public & state authorities and businesses worldwide.

est. 1990
Prague, CZ, EU
ISO9001 & ISO14001 certified
SME (~ 30 expert personnel)


Company Management

Managing the day to day operation of the company, overseeing ongoing business operations and leading & inspiring the company staff.

Zdeňka Kolářová
Statutory Representative
Luboš Kučera
Managing Director

Business Development

Business development & international collaboration, introduction of new services & applications and major projects supervision.

Jan Kolomazník
Project Manager, Remote Sensing & GIS Expert
Tomáš Soukup
Project Manager, Remote Sensing & GIS Expert
Robert Frecer
Business Consultant

Sales & Marketing

Satellite data and software solutions sales & marketing, managing relationships with partners and prospects.

Marie Háková
Sales & Marketing Manager

Office Management

Daily management of the company office, support to human resources management and project accounting & implementation.

Kateřina Kukaňová
Office Manager

Project Management

Managing and supervising project implementation, geoinformation service provision and collaboration with partners & suppliers.

Tomáš Bartaloš
Remote Sensing & GIS Expert
Neha Joshi
SAR Scientist
Kateřina Jupová
Remote Sensing & GIS Expert
Jan Mišurec
Remote Sensing Scientist

GIS & Remote Sensing

Development and implementation of novel methods for EO data processing & analysis and geospatial data exploration & integration.

Lucie Brabcová
Remote Sensing Expert
Lucie Děkanová
Remote Sensing Specialist
Jaroslav Dufek
Geospatial Data Specialist
Ivana Hlaváčová
SAR & InSAR Expert
Markéta McEwan
Environmental Data Expert
Erika Orlitová
Geospatial Data Expert
Jana Slačíková
Remote Sensing Expert
Lucie Stará
Remote Sensing Specialist
Jiří Tomíček
Remote Sensing Scientist
Kateřina Tučková
Remote Sensing Expert

Cloud Computing & Big Data Production

Implementation and operation of cloud based production environment and tools dedicated to automated big data processing & analysis.

Sivasankar Arul
Cloud Computing Expert
Ekanshi Chandna
Cloud Computing Expert
Václav Stonáček
Big Data Production Expert
Juraj Struhár
Data Processing Scientist

Software Development

Development of web platforms and software tools to support exploration and utilisation of provided information products by our clients.

Tom Adamec
Product & Design Lead
Martin Babič
Backend Lead
Vojtěch Dubrovský
Frontend Developer
Mariana Kecová
Frontend Developer
Andrii Khrystodulov
Frontend Developer
Marie Polanská
UX Researcher
Kryštof Vávra
Frontend Developer
Pavel Vlach
Frontend Lead


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