Project Manager

Help us deliver our solutions effectively, timely and scalably by overseeing the work organization and perfecting our processes.

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We are looking for a project manager with hands-on experience in setting up working processes in an agile environment. If you would like to work on a variety of projects with a big impact for a small but well-established company, get in touch!

Your job

Ideally, you have helped others before. You have experienced an agile transformation and have helped some teams go through that transformation. You understand how important communication, processes and relationships are across teams. You realize that mutual understanding and aiming for shared goals is essential within the company but also with the stakeholders.

You have a skill set to plan, implement and review different projects. You don't have to understand remote sensing data or programming as a specialist. We will want you to pass on the best practices and skills in agile methods inside the company and on the other hand, we will provide you with some space for your self-improvement - even in a different direction, you´re interested in. For that, we have dedicated time. As people, we know the importance of people.

You are not afraid to bring new ideas and can apply it in project management. You will closely cooperate with our product owners and development team, so you will get the chance to connect with people and help them bring solutions. You can facilitate discussions across teams and help them develop skills in agile methods. Since we are results driven in Gisat, certification in Scrum or Agile is not necessary but definitely may give you some extra points!

The vast majority of materials are in English, as most clients are international, and so is our internal documentation. Also, some of our colleagues are foreign, so a good grasp of English is useful. On the other hand, you don’t need to know Czech at all.

Our job

At Gisat, we transform satellite data into useful information, helping our clients make better decisions. Most of our projects have a real-world impact - sometimes small, other times bigger. Although technically similar, the projects are also diverse, so you don’t get bored. In a year, we may work on checking the use of subsidies in agriculture or on infrastructure movement monitoring for the Czech state, water monitoring for the EU, examination of urban expansion for the World Bank or cooperation on a 3D map framework with NASA.

We work on various projects utilizing satellite data and developing our own frameworks and custom-tailored solutions. We understand we work in a dynamic world, so we are open to building better structures and improving our delivery processes as well.

Our way of work

Your results are important to us, not when you’re sitting on a chair. We do not have limitations on working hours, but as a project manager, you need to be in close touch with management, developers, and different teammates across Gisat. We do prefer someone we can meet in the office on most days, but we often all work from home as well. Whether you want to work full-time or part-time, as an employee or a contractor is also up for negotiation. We don’t care what OS you’ll want on your work machine, and taking a vacation for a month is usually no problem.

The whole company is less than thirty people, so you don’t need to be afraid of complicated processes and offices, several people large. We’re based in Letná, so most of Prague is close by, and we have a garden good for grill parties, a relaxation room, or a place to park your bike.

What do you get for it?

Pay CZK 70 000 - 90 0000 + bonuses, 5 weeks vacation time, benefits: contributions toward meals, pension, and public transport.

Hiring process

If you’re interested in the offer and reply, within a few days we’ll invite you for a personal interview with someone from management - we’ll agree if online or onsite. If we like each other, you’ll have the option (either right away, or later) to meet and talk with other members of the team and with the director.

In any case, we will let you know whether or not we want you for our team as soon as we know. The whole process usually takes about two to four workweeks.

If we agree on cooperation, you can start as needed, both immediately or after eventual release from your previous job.