Geoinformation software

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GISAT is a long term partner of two major geomatics software companies providing a wide range of software tools and applications to process and analyze satellite imagery. We provide sales services and customer support for the region of Czechia and Slovakia.


CATALYST is a PCI Geomatics brand that delivers scalable business solutions using the power of Earth Observation data and analytics.

PCI Geomatics is a Canadian software development company that creates and delivers geo-image software tools, platforms and solutions for over 30 years. It develops desktop and enterprise software products that allow its customers to produce information from a myriad of aerial and satellite earth observing platforms.

CATALYST is a powerful and modular platform that provides complete and integrated software featuring the tools professionals need for remote sensing, digital photogrammetry, image analysis, map production, mosaicking and more. It includes a number of modules to process, analyze and comprehend aerial, UAV, optical and radar satellite imagery.


Trimble eCognition represents an ultimate image classification and feature extraction solution to transform geo-data into geo-information taking advantage of both pixel-based and object-based image analysis techniques (OBIA). It enables to accelerate and automate the interpretation of the geospatial data products by allowing to design own feature extraction and change detection solutions and provide the flexibility to combine the image interpretation steps like object creation based on segmentation, knowledge-based object classification or machine learning. User can leverage the full power of their input data independent of data type and source.